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The Essential Ingredient 'Kitchen Essentials' Gift Box

Good ingredients are a pleasure to cook with. With this collection of superb staples gathered from some of the world's best producers, you're giving the gift of joy in both the kitchen and at the dining table.  There's something exciting to discover in this box of wonders for every cook no matter their skill.

1x Borella Bigoli De Bassan Blue Wrap Spaghetti, 500g
This wheat pasta, a Venetian tradition, takes its name from the ancient press used in its manufacture. The pasta's unique texture encourages sauce to cling to it.
1x The Essential Ingredient Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml
This premium oil made from young Murray Valley olives is aromatic and rich with fresh herbaceous character, making it exceptionally versatile.
1x The Essential Ingredient Hot English Mustard, 190g
This strong, traditional Hot English Mustard is the perfect condiment for pork pies and the classic Sunday roast, and adds the ultimate kick to ham sandwiches. Use it to add fiery zest to vinaigrettes and sauces, or recreate classics such as Welsh rarebit, devilled kidneys or Scotch eggs with this locally produced British-style condiment.
1x The Essential Ingredient Fine Pink Himalayan Salt, 400g
This pure salt, harvested from ancient sea beds deep inside the pristine foothills of the Himalayas, is a beautifully fine seasoning perfect for both the table and the kitchen.
1x The Essential Ingredient Red Wine Vinegar, 375ml
Classically made from Australian Cabernet Sauvignon wine, our barrel-aged red wine vinegar yields a robust and complex grape character that is ideal for sauces, marinades and dressings.
1x Fattorie Giacobazzi Premium Matured Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 250ml
This balsamic vinegar combines lightly caramelised, grape flavours with a touch of sweet, punchy acidity on the finish. Can be used as a condiment but is also great where balsamic is called for in strongly flavoured dishes.
1x The Essential Ingredient Black Truffle Oil, 40ml
An intensely-flavoured oil capturing the flavour of black truffle that, when used sparingly, adds a decadent, aromatic dimension to steamed vegetables, grilled meat, scrambled eggs and much more.
1x The Essential Ingredient Puttanesca Sauce, 650g
Vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, hand-picked in Southern Italy, are combined with extra virgin olive oil, capers, olives, anchovies, garlic and chilli to create this iconic Italian pasta sauce.
1x La Dalia Sweet Smoked Paprika, 70g
This intensely coloured and scented deep red powder is stone-ground after being smoked for 15 days. A key ingredient in Spanish cooking, it also adds amazing depth to stews, marinades and sauces.
1x The Essential Ingredient Cornichons in Vinegar, 350g
These cornichons, produced in France from the fresh Calypso variety, are preserved in a soft vinegar solution with tarragon and mustard seed that is neither overly sweet nor aggressively acidic. An ideal accompaniment to cold meats and terrines, and an essential addition to tartare sauce and steak tartare.
1x Arabian Delights Preserved Lemons, 250g
Preserved in lemon juice and salt, these traditional, pungent Moroccan preserved lemons are a staple ingredient in tagines, adding a delicious citrus note. After discarding the pulp, add the finely sliced or diced skin to salads, toss through pasta for a lemon kick or add to roast chicken recipes.
1x Malouf's Red Harissa Mayonnaise, 260g
This versatile, tangy mayonnaise with a lingering chilli bite is fantastic in a potato salad and with charcuterie. It is delicious with fish and chips and with grilled, roasted, barbecued and poached seafood, poultry and meat.
1x The Essential Ingredient Lavosh with Black Pepper and Sea Salt
1x Laruota Traditional Instant Polenta, 500g
This instant polenta from La Grande Ruota has all the qualities of their traditional polentas but it can be ready in just 3 minutes. Suitable for sweet and savoury dishes alike, polenta is perfect with rich dishes like stews and sausages.
1x The Essential Ingredient Raspberry Jam, 290g
Our hand-made raspberry jam is perfect spread across a warm croissant or slice of brioche, and perfect as the filling for a tart or biscuit.
1x Wellington Apiary Hobart Wildflower Honey, 325g
In the centre of Hobart, Wellington Apiary bees collect nectar from botanically diverse gardens around the city, producing a deep yellow honey with distinct citrus notes. This raw, unheated and coarse-filtered honey is cold-extracted, maximising its health benefits and ensuring the intense flavour captures the quality of the Tasmanian nectar and pollen.
1x Zokoko 'Goddess' Dark Chocolate Bar, 65g
This blend is intense and full of flavour with deep cocoa and dark fruit top notes.
1x The Essential Ingredient English Breakfast Tea, 200g
Picked from the highest altitude plantations in Sri Lanka, this exceptional loose-leaf tea is made from the fine tips of new growth Orange Pekoe Fannings.
1x The Essential Ingredient White Penja Pepper
Cameroon's Penja Valley's fertile, volcanic equatorial soil yields these peppercorns of complex and intense bouquet.

Presented in a The Essential Ingredient Calico Bag**

**Contents of gift boxes subject to amendment based on availability.

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The Essential Ingredient 'Kitchen Essentials' Gift Box

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