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The Essential Ingredient 'La Paella' Gift Box

At the heart of the humble paella lies the essence of Spain: vibrant, exciting, colourful and flavourful. We've combined the finest authentic Spanish ingredients and paired them with a paella pan so you can give the ultimate gift of culinary inspiration. Just add heat!

1x El Cid Polished Steel Paella Pan, 34cm
The classic paella pan, this polished steel is perfect for creating the dish's iconic crust on the base.  Excellent for stove top-to-oven-to-table, as is traditional for paella.  Also great for Spanish omelettes, frittatas and more.
1x Moli de Rafelet Bomba Rice, 500g
This hand-milled, sun-dried rice is grown with no chemical treatment, resulting in a creamy coloured rice with huge flavour. Bomba rice is perfect for paella, as it absorbs 30% more liquid than other rices, the grains remaining distinct and separated.
1x Piquillo de Lodosa Peppers Strips, 215g
1x La Dalia Paella Spice Mix, 100g
This special blend of spices contains garlic, sweet smoked paprika, thyme, parsley and saffron - all essential for the perfect paella.
1x The Essential Ingredient Category One Saffron Threads, 1g
Harvested by hand in La Mancha, Spain, our saffron features uniformly vivid red-orange strands with a rich flavour and aroma that add intense colour and flavour to a wide variety of dishes.
1x Siurana D.O.P.  Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml
Unio Siurana is produced from Arbequina olives grown in North-Eastern Spain. The tiny olives are picked by hand and pressed the same day to capture the deep fruity notes and aroma of crushed green leaves. This oil was declared 'one of the world's best olive oils' at the 2015 New York International Olive Oil Competition, and was given a Gold Award by the judging panel.
1x Paez Morilla 'De Jerez Reserva' 25 year old Sherry Vinegar, 375ml
Blended from special reserve vinegars to give a red-mahogany colour, with strong, sharp flavour and notes almond and vanilla. This exceptional 'Reserva' has been aged in wood for 25 years.

1x The Essential Ingredient Cherry Wood Pointed Spoon, 30cm**

**Contents of gift boxes subject to amendment based on availability.

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The Essential Ingredient 'La Paella' Gift Box

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